Dress Code & Rules

Our first objective at SAMIES is to provide a place for our Members and Guests to get together in a spirit of camaraderie.

We want our patrons to socialize in a safe and relaxing environment.

To assist us in reaching this objective, we require that everyone who comes to the Club conform to acceptable standards of dress and deportment set out by our Executive, which outlines clean shirts with collars.

All Guests must be signed in by a Member of the Club. Members are responsible for all guests they sign in and must ensure they abide by the following guidelines/rules:

  • Swearing, abusive language or overly heated discussions are not allowed.

The wearing of the following articles of clothing is NOT permitted:

  • Hats or headgear
  • Shorts (except walking type)
  • Cut Offs
  •  shirts or soiled tattered shirts
  • Tank Tops or Muscle Shirts
  • Halter Tops
  • Soiled or tattered clothing
  • Jeans or T-Shirts except may be permitted at special functions approved by the SAMIES Executive
  • Wearing coats or jackets inside the Officer’s Mess (Upon special circumstances the Bar Steward may override this rule)

At a meeting for special event OB hats or other headgear approved by the Executive may be worn!

All members and guests must comply with Alberta Gaming and Liquor regulations as enforced by the Bar Steward (e.g. no over consumption).

All space occupied by the club is designated as non-smoking as per City of Edmonton smoking by-law 14614.

All Members and Guests are expected to comply with smoking by-law 14614 in common and public areas of the SAMIES Club.

Bar service will be refused to any Member or Guest who fails to comply with any of the above. Persons who fail to comply will be required to leave the premises.

All of our rules are based on simple commonly accepted standards of good behavior. Being polite costs nothing and makes for a more pleasant and convivial atmosphere.

Welcome and have fun!