History of the International Order

International Order of Old Bastards

How It All Began

From The Barnacles website (IOOB Chapter 2679, Hampton Roads, Virginia):

During World War II, Fred Kibbe, Archbastard I, was in the Army in Brisbane, Australia. Along with other officers there on active duty, the evening hours were often spent in hospitable hours of inhaling spirits and good fellowship. Along the way, the guys started using the endearing salutation, “Hi, you old Bastard,” and soon started the “Bastards We Have Met Club”. It was here that Fred recognized that Australians often used the term “bastard” as a term of endearment, a fact that has resulted in the I.O.O.B having OVER 1 MILLION OLD BASTARDS and OLD BASTARDETTES!

Fred returned to civilian life and being an avid correspondent, kept in touch with the Old Bastards and when he sent off a few cards to them to show their official designation, they not only liked the cards, but wanted some for their friends. Fred obliged and the I.O.O.B was off and running. From a few dozen allied officers in Brisbane in 1945, there are now over 1 million Old Bastards throughout the world. Predominately in the English-speaking countries, (we haven’t got our translation done yet), new members tend to be 80% from the U.S., 10% from Canada, and 10% from the around the world.

Priding itself on it’s “nothingness” without any requirements for membership and no requirements for meetings or dues (* see below), the Old Bastards in certain areas often band together in fellowship groups not unlike the original gang in Brisbane. By popular demand, headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, FL issues an I.O.O.B. Charter to form a Chapter when 25 or more names are sent in. Amazingly, over 4600 Chapters have been chartered as we plow into the 90’s.

One wonders whether such an organization is itself legitimate. It’s quite common to express disbelief when the Order is initially explained. Well, we have a corporate charter from the Florida Secretary of State. The Internal Revenue Service has looked at us and asked “What the hell does an Archbastard do”? In 1969 the Civil Aeronautics Board and Pan American World Airways didn’t question our right to exist but claimed we were not a genuine “affinity group” to be eligible for low-cost group charter flights. We don’t intend to change our fun-loving group to the regimented groups in fancy evening dress, head dress or rigid confusion. We continue as a group letting itself , it’s members and it’s chapters pick their own way. All we need is an Old Bastard to sponsor you and you’re in – what you do to stay in is up to you.

We regret that the biggest fun lover of them all, Fred Kibbe, left us in 1980. However, Fred would not want any of you to pause a moment from enjoying yourself as an Old Bastard. He said it many times “Don’t let the Bastards Wear You Down”!

* Just a quick note from the SAMIES IOOB Webmaster:

The parent body (International Order of Old Bastards) leaves it up to each individual Chapter to determine how they will handle their own internal organization.

However, as long as members continue to enjoy themselves within the original spirit of the IOOB then the details can take care of themselves.

After all is said and done the motto of the IOOB always applies;

“Illegitimus Non Carborundum”
(Don’t let the Bastards wear you down!)